Monday, January 2, 2012

Little Isla ~ Sweetness in a baby girl package. {Melbourne Newborn Photographer}

As I frantically make sure I get all of my final 2011 sessions blogged I found myself getting lost in the sweetness of this gorgeous little girl. Isla must've known I was itching to photograph a sweet baby girl, she arrived early and I was taken a little by surprise... maybe it's because the theory is that first babies arrive late, or that I went so far over due with my two kidlette's that I never really expect 'early' babies.

Photographing little Isla was pretty easy, and I was thankful she was so calm and chilled through the session (it always makes things easy, and is generally the exception rather than the rule, but this session was shot while I was sporting a rather unrelenting headache due to a back/neck issue that resurfaced, so I was particularly happy to work with such an easy baby)... and really... who doesn't love trying out some baby girl hats and new props?

Enjoy. xo

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