Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You don't understand anything until you learn it more than one way. {Newborn and Maternity Styling Workshop ~ Melbourne}

I believe karma, I believe in giving back, I believe in teaching how to pose such precious models (newborns) safely... I believe in always pushing your knowledge and expertise... and as enquiries began to flood my inbox I decided to run my first workshop.
For much of the year I was leading up to this first of what will likely become a bi-annual set of workshops. The Maternity and Newborn Styling Workshop which was held at Grange Cleveland Winery in Lancefield took place on a gorgeous Spring day, perfect weather, gorgeous models and a stunning location... I could not have been happier with how it ran, and the photographers I met.
The ground work in putting this even together was all consuming, the workbooks for attendee's, the running sheet, arranging models and planning the workflow for the day. There was a lot of back and forth with my featured prop supplier, Addy and Gus, with attendee's, enquiries and with the venue itself. There were sleepless nights as I put the event together, and made certain that things ran smoothly.
I was exhausted after the long day of setting up, running the workshop and then packing up the gear, but drove the long drive home with a contented smile on my face... there will indeed be more workshops, including interstate and even overseas ventures in the coming year.
Stay tuned to Facebook and the blog for announcements of dates for future workshops in the new year.
Here's some highlights from the day.
~ Kasey ~

~ Jen ~

~ Catherine ~

~ Maximus ~

~ Meg ~


The Whole Journey

There is no greater privelege as a photographer than to tell a story... it's one of the main reasons I fell in love with photography and photojournalism to begin with. And with my background in press photography, passion and love for maternity and newborn, being able to tell the story from pregnancy through to newborn sweetness, including capturing birth, nothing sets my heart racing quite so much.
When I first spoke with Jeanie her excitement at having me capture the journey of pregnancy, birth and newborn images reached out through the phone line and tugged at my heart... I was swept up in the thrill and joy of a much longed for baby, a baby this couple had waited over 7 years to meet.
I am blessed in my own life to not have struggled with infertility, and while I have suffered losses, excrutating as they were I can only imagine the expectation and heartbreak with every cycle of hoping for a positive test.
When I spoke with Jeanie, and then with David when we all met, we covered it all... the love for this baby was so very real... there were hugs and kisses, and I knew this family would leave a lasting impression on my life.
Following are a series of images from Jeanie and David's maternity session, their birth slideshow, and images of the stunning little man, master James.