Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ava ~ Ten little fingers, ten little toes. {Melbourne Newborne Photographer}

Baby Ava was born on Friday the 13th; unlucky? I don't think so. She's such a sweet little bundle, all 2.4kg's of her. Teeny tiny, but big on cuteness.

I was asked late last year by Ava's mum to capture some images when she arrived, but I think Ava must've been a little eager to get her moment in front of the camera arriving a week ahead of her planned 'eviction date'.

Ava took a while to really settle in to her session, she was content and happy, but not so sleepy. Once she settled in I was spoilt with poses to use, and got another hanging shot which is fast becoming a favourite among clients. It's not an easy image to capture, and while some babies settle easily into the sling, others refuse flat out. I have a few alternative props on offer for hanging poses, and attempt at least one per session.

Ava seemed to like kicking her little foot out of the sling, and I love the relaxed way she just hung there, snug and sleepy.

every session does have it's challenges though, and while we tried to get both of Ava's big brothers in some photos, we were only able to persuade one to be a part of the session, and, oh my... how gorgeous his eyes are.

Enjoy. xo

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jayden ~ How small, how beautiful. ~ {Melbourne Newborn Photographer}

I have to admit that at first I was a little anxious as to how my session with baby Jayden would go, I had a call when he was just on 6 weeks and I'd not worked with a 6 week old baby before and was unsure as to how settled he might be, especially with the hanging poses that mum was so keen to get.

My worries were very quickly put at ease, Jayden was one of the easiest babies I've worked with so far. I joked with his mum that having a big sister who was ready to "rough him up" meant he didn't mind being shuffled and moved from pose to pose. Sienna loves her new little brother, but as with most youngsters, doesn't quite comprehend the concept of 'gentle'. (I remember going through the same 'phase' with my daughter when I brought home my son.)

These poses were fabulous to capture, especially given it's so rare to get babies who will settle into one, let alone two or three hanging poses. Jayden was a superstar, and his big sister was stunning... Thank You, I was reminded yet again of how much I love my 'job'.

Enjoy. xo

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Master Isaac ~ A baby is love made visible ~ {Melbourne Newborn Photographer}

Only a few days in to 2012 and I was itching to photograph my first session for the year. Isaac's session was a delightful start to the year, I'm a sucker for squishy lips on a baby (you may have noticed this in previous posts) and this little man was no exception, full little lips that just oozed cuteness. (Yes I'm one of those photographers that ooh's and aah's over each newborn - I never get sick of the freshness and sweetness.)

Isaac wasn't too keen on moving from pose to pose, but did settle without too much fuss, and even when he was awake he was calm and peaceful. It was quite easy to just watch him as he looked around.

He seemed to be most calm on his tummy, and as with every baby some poses and props work better than others, so once I'd established his most comfortable positions I gave my camera quite the workout. His mum and dad gave me complete creative control, and had a few little props of their own for me to use - don't you just LOVE the brown hat that they bought on a shopping excursion? Personally I think little Isaac sported it beautifully.

Honestly, I do have the best job in the world.

Enjoy. xo

Monday, January 16, 2012

Chubbalicious Maddison {Melbourne Newborn Photographer}

There's possibly a typical image of a newborn you might have in your head before you have your own children, and little Maddison was mine... She oozed chubby newborn cuteness and was possibly the poster image for what you might picture of a newborn.

The moment I saw her I found myself swooning out loud as she lay there all snug in her blanket ready for her session. She worked the session well once we settled in to it, and she was full of the most interesting little expressions.

I had a blast using some more props from Baby Joy Studios, and Knitz. I absolutely adore the sweet little bonnet, and Maddison certainly modelled it perfectly.

Enjoy. xo