Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yvette and Sam 11th of April 2009

Possibly the smallest wedding I've ever photographed. Both Sam and Yvette were not all about making a fuss as it was not a first marriage for either of them, they wanted a small family celebration, and to create a beautiful memory of their wedding day. They were married at Sirens in Williamstown, an absolutely stunning location, with the Williamstown Botanic Gardens a short stroll away and the beach front at the doorstep. Even the cafe itself has a few nice spots for photos if the weather were to turn sour. Fortunately we had a glorious Autumn day with some beautiful afternoon light. A beautiful time of year to be married.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Renee and Gerard 7th March 2009

Gerard and Renee were absolutely adorable, I've never had to photograph a couple who I had to actually ask to 'not' kiss in some photos, they were just so obviously besotted by each other it was adorable to witness. Shooting for, Renee described her day as a 'fairytale', and she certainly looked the part of the beautiful princess marrying her prince charming. I love that every wedding is so different and unique, and how every wedding I've photographed really suits the couple and says something about who they are. Renee and Gerard clearly have the most wonderful future ahead.

Nicole and Adam February 28th 2009

Shot for , Adam and Nicole were married in Echuca, a beautiful location for some wonderful images all so close and so varied, I was completely spoiled for choice. Adam and Nicole were a delight to work with, as were their 2 beautiful daughters who are obviously adored by their parents. The weather was gorgeous, a little warm, but nowhere near as hot as it can get up there in the summer months. I had such a fun day with them, and hope to shoot more weddings up in Echuca in the future.