Friday, March 27, 2009

Jane and Steve 15th of March 2009

Jane and I met through work as photographers at Blackburn for the same newspaper group and became good friends, undertaking various challenges together, walking the 100km Oxfam Trailwalker event together in the same team (twice... once completing the event) and doing fun run's together. She and Steve met through the world of mountain biking and were instantly a couple that you could see spending the rest of their lives together. They have similar ideas and values and just work beautifully together as a team.
I always knew Jane would never wear a white fluffy 'traditional' wedding dress, she's far too unique and fun to conform to a typical 'bride' image. Yet, she simply exuded beauty and 'bride' on her day. The wedding and reception was held at Gum Gully Farm in Silvan in the Dandenongs. It was a cool, wet, almost stormy day and we weren't sure if we'd have the wedding inside or out... fortunately the rain cleared long enough to have the ceremony outside. It was a wonderful day, full of fun and laughter... uniquely Jane and Steve!

Omar and Tarli 20th December 2008

Omar and Tarli were married on Albert Park Lake... the first couple to do so at the Powerhouse boat club. It was a warm, windy, bright sunny Summer day... a little scary from a photographers point of view. They had a very large guest list, around 200 people so there were two of us shooting on the day for Elise Gow Photography
It was a beautiful wedding with the bride choosing to have both of her parents walk her down the aisle which I thought was a beautiful touch. For their wedding cake they had a small cake on top of a teired tray with handmade chocolates, a gorgeous idea.

The littlest Black

Of course a point had to come where my own little girl made it onto the blog. She's the most photographed baby this side of the Branjelina babies. Children are such precious little creatures, almost changing by the day. It's a treasured momento to have some beautiful images of your little ones in such innocent and sweet moments.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pregnancy images of Es.

By chance an old High School friend and I found each other through the wonders of Facebook, and both happened to be pregnant at the same time. Knowing how special it was to me to have some pregnancy photos and after Es commenting on the images I had done of myself I offered to do some images for her. It was a fun shoot, and has since renewed our friendship.
Her daughter Kaia couldn't help coming in for hugs and belly rub with her mummy, and it made for some really precious images.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Carole and Graeme 19th of July 2008

There was no "official" photographer at Carole and Graeme's wedding; as they have commented "There's no real need to go all out when you're 'our' age." Both in their 60's this was Carole's first wedding and Graeme's 2nd, so it was a rather simple affair with a lot of friends helping them out with the service and the decorations, food and cake. It was simply a beautiful celebration for them both to share with those they love. However, the photographer in me just couldn't leave it alone and I had to snap a few pictures for them and am glad I did, as the friend they had taking photos is still yet to get any to them...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tammy and Richard July 12th 2008

Tammy and Richard decided on a winter wedding, partly because they worked it around a northern hemisphere Summer holiday which they turned into their honeymoon. A winter wedding is a beautiful idea, we had some absolutely gorgeous light and it meant the beaches were deserted and despite being a little chilly it was a lovely day. It's an opportune time of year to plan a wedding, most brides opt for the warmer months of the year which can make it difficult when it comes to booking venues and suppliers, during the cooler months there is more options available to you if you are willing to risk it being a wet or cold day... which, from a photographic stand point can actually be a lot of fun.
Tammy and Richards wedding was the first wedding I was booked and shot for I had such a blast, and was blown away when I saw their final album. There's nothing quite like seeing your work from start to finish, from the initial editing process right through to the gorgeous album at the end.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Felicia and Ben May 24th 2008

Felicia was a high school friend who found me by chance after 12 odd years and asked me to photograph her wedding to her long time partner Ben. It was a real honour to be asked to be a part of their day and to capture it for them. They were married at the Westin in Melbourne's CBD and also held their reception there. It's a stunning venue, and all of the photo locations were within walking distance which meant that even though there was only a short amount of time between the ceremony and reception we were spoiled for shots.