Saturday, March 31, 2012

Baby Elsie ~ There's nothing so sweet as the love of a child.

There was one thing that struck me when I arrived at Elsie's session, the love. I know that sounds a little cliche but to watch the moments unfold and see the way mum and dad were besotted by their baby girl was truly beautiful to watch. Clearly this sweet little baby girl is much loved, but there was something magical in the love surounding this family that I only hope I have been able to capture a glimpse of.

These images of family move me every time I look over them.

Enjoy. xo

Friday, March 16, 2012

Launching the new Look

A few months ago I decided I needed a new logo... something that said a little more about 'me', something that shows a little of my philosophy. Having worked with the fabulous Sherry at May & Bell on a joint project she created, without even knowing, the perfect logo for my idea. (Don't you love it when things just fall in to place?)

So, a little belated, having already begun using the gorgeous new logo, Here is the LAUNCH! - in conjunction with the first birthday (also a little belated) and to CELEBRATE the beginnings of full time self employment I have decided to offer a little giveaway. But you've got to get a little creative.

I'd like you to come up with a little limerick, poem or short verse explaining why capturing memories is so special, WITH a copy of your most treasured image, the one that is worth a thousand words to YOU.

Please email your (SHORT - no more than 10 lines) entry to and I will show them all in a gallery on my blog for viewing (copyright of images will remain yours) - linked also via Facebook The winning entry will be chosen by a panel of three impartial judges including overseas and local photographers/artists who I admire and respect, and who understand the importance of 'memories'.

Entries close the 31st of March 2012 and the winner will receive a free portrait or family mini session (30 minutes) in the Melbourne metro area and an enlargement of their favorite image from the session. (extra prints or DVD extra).

So get thinking, get creative, and the wwiner will be announced on the 6th of April 2012.

Cooper ~ "Babies are such a nice way to start people."

Late in 2011 I photographed Natalie and her gorgeous 'bump'... not long after the session she gave birth to her (not so tiny) baby boy. Meet Cooper, an adorable chubbalicious little man who reminded me of all those cliche' roly poly little cherubs you'd see on a Valentine's Day card.

Maybe it's because my own children were never very cliche' chubby, but there is something that makes me swoon after babies with the "Cabbage Patch" cheeks that make you want to "koochy koo" all over them.

Cooper was around 5 weeks at his newborn session and while I usually prefer newborn sessions around the 7-14 day age, I've found that working with babies at around 4-5 weeks is not entirely out of the question. They are more alert generally and can be a little harder to settle... (Cooper put up a bit of a fight for a while) they can eventually be coaxed into a dream state perfect for some photos.

We modified a few poses to suit his 'style' and had a wonderful session.