Monday, August 10, 2009

Tim and Corinne 07/08/09

I don't know where to begin, Tim and Corinne's wedding was absolutely stunning. Organised all the way from Hong Kong where they currently live and work with the help of the venue Poets Lane ( ) in the Dandenongs, a venue I would highly recommend, if for nothing else than their seemless organisation and simplicity of the day, not to mention the stunning surrounds; the day couldn't have turned out more perfect for both of them.
It's a gamble holding a wedding in the midst of winter, but while the day was cold, and the rain came and went the mood was full of warmth. It was a small wedding with 72 guests that made for a very intimate ceremony. The day was very much about family and friends, love and laughter. I found it extremely difficult to select only a few images, so I have included a selection of my favourites from the day.