Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baby Liviah {Shepparton Newborn Photographer}

Originally this session was going to be shot at my home in Melbourne as Sam, Rosie and baby Liviah made their way back home to Kialla after being discharged from the hospital. But as with all things newborn, plans often change, and in hindsight I am so glad we changed the session.

Liviah was an absolute dream to photograph, milk drunk and sleepy for almost the entire session. Pose after pose, prop after prop, she took it all in her stride barely making a sound and easing into each position I manipulated her supple little shape into. These are sessions I dream of, and it's definitely official, I'm addicted to newborns!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sweet Miss Amelia - 4 days old. {Melbourne Newborn Photographer}

Less than a week ago I had the pleasure of photographing Tess and Andy's bump session. Sweet Miss Amelia was born only 2 days later, and she is absolutely precious. Her mum and dad are clearly besotted by her, and I found myself just staring at her at times, watching all those innocent little expressions sweep across her face as she dreamt the session away. Amelia was such a delight to photograph, she settled into each pose after snuggles with mum and dad and the resulting images are proof of what can be captured with calm, patience, and a home set to the heat of a warm Summer day.

(It's sessions like these that almost make me wonder if I want another baby.)


Monday, October 17, 2011

Tess, Andy and one precious baby bump {Melbourne Maternity Photographer}

I photographed Andy, Tess and her beautiful bump yesterday, only 2 days before they meet their baby girl, and have been busy getting a few photos together before her scheduled arrival tomorrow.

As you know if you've been a follower of my blog for a while, I just adore photographing couples and their growing families. Tess and Andy were no exception. They just ooze love for this precious baby, but rightfully feel a sense of anxiousness as they plan for her arrival, having endured the loss of their first newborn baby girl Elizabeth last year. As I looked at the photos of her around the home it reminded me again of just how precious an organisation like Heartfelt is for families. I always feel honoured to photograph these times of new life in a family, but feel especially priveleged to be allowed into the lives of families touched by the loss of a child. Elizabeth was part of the entire session in the use of 'red', which is her colour and is worn in some way by Tess and Andy every day.

Tess's handy work. The knitted monkey she made for her first daughter Elizabeth, and the little bunny she made for this baby girl.

Tess and Andy were so easy to work with, I barely had to guide them, they seemed so comfortable in front of the camera. After getting a few photos at home we travelled to a little 'secret' spot to get some gorgeous afternoon light, thankfully the weather was kind to us and gave us some beautiful warm spring sun to bask in for a while.

I'm looking forward to the next installment, the newborn images of their 2nd baby girl, already planned... My thoughts are with you both, Tess and Andy, I can't wait to meet this sweet little baby girl in the coming days.


Monday, October 10, 2011


If you haven't heard of Heartfelt already I'd like to share with you just a little story of why what they offer is so precious.

A little background: Heartfelt are a group of photographers who capture photographic memories for families of stillborn, critically ill, premature babies and terminally ill children.

I became a volunteer photographer for Heartfelt a few months back and in that time I have been a part of some families darkest hours, invited in to photograph and capture priceless memories for them to hold on to of their children. To say these moments have changed me would be an understatement, I am constantly astounded by the love and strength these families posess, and every child has been so sweet and precious.

We have lost two babies (I call them babies because as far as I'm concerned the moment a woman discovers she's pregnant, that gift of life is referred to as just that, a baby!), one very early, a miscarriage, the second a little later, though still classified as a miscarriage I discovered at an 11 week scan that our baby had no heartbeat, and surgery followed a week later. That loss was devastating, but only a taste of what I imagine others experience. I'm a very visual person and absolutely wish, if it were even possible, to have had images to remember my babies... I regret not even asking for an ultrasound image now.

I captured some images that helped me process my losses, and they (apart from a tattoo) are all I have to reflect on of my two babies I'll never meet (not in this world at least - if you're that way inclined).

When I read about Heartfelt I knew instantly this was a group I could be a part of. Having had a friend years ealier give birth to a stillborn baby boy I remember feeling so clueless as to what to even say or offer her and her husband... nothing really seemed enough. Flowers and a card... pathetic as it seemed to me, at least they knew I loved them. Heartfelt seemed to just capture my whole mindset of capturing life in all its forms. Capturing all of lifes moments is a bit of an obsession of mine, and while it's so normal for a new mum and dad to dote over their child and have gorgeous photos capturing every milestone, it seems so wrong to not have beautiful images of any child, born too early or with life threatening illness, or even born sleeping... There is beauty in every single child, and Heartfelt capture that.

Which brings me to my story - Shared to me by my husband:

Hubby was chatting with the receptionist "W" at the chiropractor. "W" has been seeing Hubby and I for years as we've been visiting the same practice due to our back issues. There was a discussion about a friend of a woman who had to make the heartbreaking decision to terminate a pregnancy post 20 weeks due to a serious condition with the baby, which would mean if the baby had even survived birth it would have been unlikely to live very long or have much quality of life.

This lead to "W" remarking that she didn't think that stillbirth was all that common, which lead Hubby to say that actually it is, with about 400 or so in Victoria alone in any one year. This came as a big surprise to "W" and Hubby explained that yes, "Emily is a volunteer photographer for Heartfelt who photograph stillborn babies and sick babies." There was a bit of a moment of 'Oh my God, how sad' and then Hubby looked over and saw a woman in the waiting area who had heard this conversation.

This woman, "C" looked upset, and at this point commented that "Heartfelt are a very precious group of people." It turned out she had used the services of Heartfelt a few years earlier when her child was stillborn and she was so thankful and grateful for those photos that she could not even express how special they were, especially now, being able to show her two living children their older sibling. She commented that "You're wife is a special woman to do this." and as Hubby recounted this to me, it hit him just how important Hearfelt are to families who need their service. This is the reason Heartfelt Photographers do what they do... not for the 'Thank-You' but because we've all been affected by loss and know how important it is to have beautiful images and memories to look back on.

Hubby finds it hard to understand the depth of it, but this moment seems to have clarified what Heartfelt are about... capturing beautiful photographic memories for families. And if nothing else, because of that conversation at least one more person knows about Heartfelt.

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month - what better time to be able to SHARE and open the conversation about losing a child.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kate's Session {Brighton Bay family photography}

What fun it was to photograph Stewart, Kate, Silvagna and Tahli. Kate had won a competition I had run on my facebook page but I was warned from the outset that both Kate and Stewart were not really fans of the camera. Despite this by the end of the session they'd forgotten about the camera and we were all laughing together kicking sand, building sandcastles and even getting the odd smile from people out walking along the Brighton foreshore.

The bathing boxes are an often sought after location for all sorts of photography, the colour is just gorgeous and it's always a fun place for children, playing, running, and hiding... Allowing kids to be kids is what I love about photographing families. These are the moments you just can't capture in a studio, with the forced smiles and standard poses, and lets be honest, photography is about capturing the essence of a family, in all shapes and blends, not just the smiling faces in front of a white backdrop.

Enjoy xx