Monday, July 11, 2011

Gift Vouchers

So you can't decide what to get the friend that has one of everything...

You can't seem to find that 'perfect' present to give to celebrate a new baby...

Tired of giving the same old booties and little onesies at the baby showers?

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Maternal Love - Sally's beautiful bump.

It was my absolute privelege to be able to photograph Sally's maternity session. About 4 years ago Sally and I worked together, and were even pregnant at around the same time with our first children. Though the outcome of our pregnancies could not have been any more different. Sally's first child, an absolutely beautiful and precious little baby girl named Hope was born sleeping. It seems stillbirth is such a hushed topic, but is more common than you'd likely be aware. Sally is one of three women I know who have travelled through this heartbreaking journey.

It wasn't until recently, through Heartfelt's facebook page that I came in contact with Sally again.

Since having her first child Sally and her husband Simon have had a little boy, Angus who is now preparing to be a big brother. He's a little spunk, and such a cutey to photograph - when he let me. :)


I always feel blessed to be able to photograph the amazing time of pregnancy, but this session was so much more than that. How do you capture the emotion of a time so full of joy, tears, excitement and love? It was a tender and moving experience for me, and special too for Sally I hope.

Winter Warmer Session - Sturrock

Recently I offered a Winter Warmer Special through my facebook page, which saw a great response from my 'likers'.

Jodi Sturrock was one of the lucky winners and chose a family session with her husband and son, Hunter (who turned 3 the day after our session). Jodi, like many other busy mothers realised it'd been far too long between family portraits, and it was my joy to be able to capture some gorgeous images for her.

Hunter was certainly full of beans and was an absolute blast being able to photograph him. He was bursting with energy, and clearly loves being photographed, which made my job so easy! I just love being able to capture memories for people. And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the little man, Hunter! I Hope you had a wonderful day!