Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Before you were conceived I wanted you, before you were born I loved you, Before you were here for an hour I would have died for you. This is the miracle of life"

There are moments in your life when you know you are exactly where you were meant to be... a series of events leading to a time, a place, an experience when everything falls into perfect harmony. Sweet serendipity.

The birth of sweet baby boy Jorge was one such moment. Events and chance meetings of the past months and even years culminated in my first meeting with Sofia and Richard, (that and a bit of help from Facebook) and right from the very first email I knew this family were going to leave a huge impression on my life, and have a piece of my heart forever. It's beautiful when you meet a family, a couple, a mother with a similar philosophy of life, and indeed of childbirth.

Having gone through the journey of labour and birth with their first son only to have him arrive never to take his first breath the anxiety leading to Jorge's birth was tangible, but Sofia's belief in her body and her strength was absolutely awe inspiring, equal only to Richards ever present support and unwavering love.

Two weeks to the day after our first face to chat over a cuppa and after a morning of back and forth with updates I received the text message, a couple of hours after having her waters broken, it was time to head in to the hospital.

I arrived, we hugged; contraction.
I settled in, met a couple of the staff; contraction.
We chatted a little, I made sure my camera's were all set (for possibly the hundredth time); contraction.

It was clear labour was progressing along beautifully and the concern that maybe they'd called me too early was quickly put at rest.

At 6pm (4 hours from my arrival) as her doctor and midwife guided, with the support of her husband, complete faith in her body, and through tears, Sofia birthed her second son... he was placed on her chest... and then... he cried... A sound so precious... The tears flowed.
There was not a dry eye in the room. I was sobbing and smiling through every image, goosebumps, chills and sheer delight filling me as I captured these memories. This was exactly where I was meant to be, and this moment and this family will forever change me and have a piece of my heart.
Welcome to the world sweet baby Jorge.
Thank You Sofia and Richard, for allowing me to capture these memories and share the journey.
xx em.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby Maya ~ When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. {Melbourne Newborn Photographer

I've had a recent abundance of newborn boys and I was very much looking forward to my session with baby Maya. She was so chubbalicious and adorable from the moment I met her.

It's not hard to get all swept up in the sweetness, and I love being able to capture something of these very early days of life, it gives me chills when I edit through, and I smile with every new image. Maya started her session so beautifully, easing into a dreamy little sleep.

It is important to point out that it's not me that runs these sessions though, it is very much the sweet baby who dictates how the session runs. And sweet little Maya was no exception, though every image was just as precious to capture.


Friday, July 6, 2012

What an Awesome Birthday Present...

As with most mornings I tend to switch on the computer and do a quick check of my emails before I get down to the business of working, raising my kidlette's and general household 'stuff'. So it's no different that on my birthday (today... oh joy) I'd do the same thing... only today there was a nice little surprise awaiting me... results from the Creative Asia Photography Competition. I wasn't expecting to see anything yet... but it appears the preliminary judging has got underway and four of my six prints have been judged.

The exciting bit... three of the four that have been judged have received BRONZE! This is the first international photographic competition I have entered and was not exactly sure how the images would suit the category's, so today as I saw that I had won Bronze for three I couldn't help but get a little chuffed.

Now I await the further judging to see how my remaining two images stack up... I'm filled with nerves and excitement, and it's an incredible feeling...

... I am an INTERNATIONAL AWARD WINNER! {best birthday ever.}