Friday, June 19, 2009

Nick and Vanda - 2nd of May 2009

Nick and Vanda had a beautiful May day for their wedding. May brings some beautiful light in the afternoons, but remember at this time of year that the sun hides very quickly as the days get shorter. Having a few locations up my sleeve with only a limited time to photograph while the light faded quickly was definitely an advantage.

Vanda designed her wedding dress, which was a stunning, simply delicate and stylish gown. The flower detail was a gorgeous touch that she used for the bridesmaid gowns as well, to tie them all in together.

Nick and Vanda chose to have their reception at ACCA (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art). It's a stunning modern building, and a venue I never would have thought of for a reception. It was a beautiful cocktail reception where everyone let their har down. I thought a great personal touch was photographs of Nick and Vanda's decade long relationship replaying on the screen above the bar. Definitely a unique idea while guests were enjoying the evening.