Friday, December 23, 2011

Master Lucas, 16 days new { Melbourne Newborn Photographer }

Such a sweet newborn session, but not without it's hiccups, caused by none other than my own baby boy... (I say baby but really he's a toddler now.) Around half an hour after I arrived to photograph Lucas, and just as everything had been set up fort the first pose, I had a phone call from my children's childcare centre explaining that Dylan had eaten lunch and his mouth and face had swollen up. It's any mothers worst nightmare, I was so thankful to have such understanding clients, who not only allowed me to drop everything (don't worry, not literally) they also allowed me to leave my set up in their home until I later confirmed to be able to reschedule the session for the following day. I have said it before and I'll say it again, I really do have fabulous clients.

After rushing my baby boy off to the Royal Childrens Hospital with my heart in my chest the whole way we later discovered it was not an allergic reaction (and his tongue never swelled, so we were never in any dire trouble) but rather a severe reaction to a viral infection. PHEW!

So... the session followed a day later, and it was a blessing in disguise really, because it meant we were able to get some gorgeous photos with dad as well. Had it been a day ealier we would've been rushing through the family shots so he could race back to work... I am so glad we could take our time because I'm really happy with the shot with dad, putting more of my Baby As Art workshop notes into practice.

Enjoy. xo

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