Monday, September 12, 2011

Cindy and Troy (Bacchus Marsh engagement photography)

I almost didn't recognise Cindy when I met her and her fiance Troy in Bacchus Marsh for their engagement session. I am so used to seeing her in her a "Kids Retreat" uniform when I drop my children off at childcare, that seeing her looking an absolute treat with her make-up all done made me do a double take. (I can only imagine how stunning she's going to look on her wedding day.)

Cindy is possibly Lily's favourite teacher at childcare, she always seems to come home with excited chatter about what Cindy did with them that day and I think Lily hit it off straight away with her when Cindy was allocated to her room at childcare last year. Cindy is always such a happy face to see when we arrive at childcare, and last year I remember the extra bubbly chatter from Lily as she told me that Cindy got "endaged" (engaged in Lily speak).

Troy proposed to Cindy on the 10th of the 10th 2010, and I'm not exactly sure of when it became official that I would photograph their wedding, but it seemed we were chatting about details from the moment a date was set. Cindy and Troy were so easy to work with, I just know we're going to have a blast on their wedding day in November. (stay tuned for that blog post!)

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