Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby Emile (and his big sister Nabila)

I prefer to photograph newborns within the first 2 weeks, when they are extra specially itty bitty and 'squishy'. However little Emile certainly worked the session at close to 3 weeks old and did a fantastic job amidst all the noise of his big sister Nabila loving all over him and stealing the moment on more than one occasion - and who can blame her, she's gorgeous.

Nabila has a lot to adapt to with a new baby brother in her life, but clearly enjoys her new role as a big sister, and little Emile appears to be rather unphased by all the fuss. He had his moments (as all babies do) but as soon as he calmed and dozed off he became oblivious to all the clicking of my camera and worked the session beautifully.

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