Friday, April 27, 2012

Indiana ~ "Babies are always more trouble than you thought - and more wonderful." {Melbourne Newborn Photographer}

I was warned ahead of the session that gorgeous little Indiana {nicknamed 'Jonesy' ~ Indiana Jones ~ by her great grandmother who travelled interstate to meet her great grandaughter} would give me a run for my money. How right her mother was... This sweet little girl was so alert and so strong willed you could've been tricked into believing she was 12 weeks old, not 12 days.

She was most content in her daddy's arms {and clearly he's besotted with his baby girl}, or getting snuggles from her adoring family so we went with a lot of images of her being held, which in itself is precious, but it just meant we weren't able to get the sleepy dreamy baby poses. It just shows how much the baby dictates the session, and how as a photographer you have to be willing to change the 'plan' for the session and work within the constraints dictated by the mood of this sweet and precious little creature.

I always find it interesting to see just how much character a child so young has... clearly little Indiana is not going to sit back and let the world come to her... she's going to meet it head on.

Enjoy. xo

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