Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is there anything more amazing...

...than a newborn baby?

(My baby girls tiny feet... 5 days old.)

I have been playing with an idea, a thought, for a while now... Birth Photography... I know it's something very sacred to family, something that words can't really describe... which is where images come in.
I know what you're thinking, "I don't need to see that!"... But it's not all about the moment the newborn arrives, it's about the journey of that arrival... the hugs, the hands, the support during labour... the awesomeness of all these moments and the very moment mother and baby embrace... This is what I want to capture for people... as well as the newborn sweetness...

I even photographed during my own labours with my children, and had a handy hubby who took a few as well... and an amazing midwife who took charge when both of my children were born via emergency c-sections (but that's an entire other story). Those photographs capture so much... and you all should know by now that I am all about capturing emotion! What I want to offer as part of my maternity and newborn sessions is a birth photography option.

(During labour with my son, Dylan... including a self portrait.)

Is this something you would love having captured as part of your baby's life journey? Or do you know someone who would be willing... ?

If you think you might be... or know anyone who is, I'd love to meet with you. IT TRULY IS - LIFE CAPTURED!

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