Friday, April 12, 2013

... and I am BEAUTIFUL...

The response I received from my recent blog post journeying into the depths of my soul and caesarean experiences was both humbling and moving... in many ways.
My purpose was to create discussion and support, (did you know it's Caesarean Section Awareness Month?) and to simply share what I experienced, my emotions, my thoughts, my struggles...
I am okay, and for those that offered forums and groups for further support I am thankful... because my hope is that other women saw those comments also and are able to draw support and some healing from those places also.
Every day is different, some days I am completely in love with where I am at and what I survived (strong word yes, but that's MY feeling). But more and more I am feeling LOVE. Possibly more so now than ever.
I do not want my children to see a mother who struggles with her body, as much for my son as for my daughter. They both need to see what a strong beautiful woman is... not a superficial beauty... that real, raw, deep beauty that comes from a woman's soul.
I discuss with my children how they were born, they hear their birth stories, and they know what birth is, either caesarean OR vaginal... and they understand on their level... It's gorgeous!
So I want to share... I am flawed, I am imperfect, I have scars... AND I AM BEAUTIFUL! 
much love to ALL women! Mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, grand-daughters ... you are ALL beautiful!

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  1. You are exquisite, brave and beautiful. Thanks for this post.